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ok so i was thinking that i should be the first person to post something BUSINESS RELATED in this community. so here you go


Representative Assembly Meeting

December 11, 2003

CALL TO ORDER:  David Parsons called the meeting to order at 9:48am in rm.104


MINUTES:  Snow Feng presented the minutes.



-Blood Drive:  93 eligible pints were received and over 100 people donated blood.  The next blood drive will be Feb 12.


-Photo Scavenger Hunt: The official deadline is Jan 30. There are many prizes available.


-Service Learning: $260 was made during the Evening of Giving, and the recipient of the money will be decided in Jan.



-Class of 04:  There will be a Senior Ball meeting tomorrow at lunch in room P1.  Senior Ball will take place at the Merchant’s Exchange on May 8.  Next Wednesday will be Senior class t-shirt day.


-Class of 05:  Junior Prom is on April 3 at the Capital Club in San Jose.  Committee meetings will be announced.


-Class of 06:  The apple cider and hot chocolate sale will be held everyday afterschool in the Student Union until break.  The cost is 75 cents per cup, and 25 cents for toppings.  There will be a council meeting next Wednesday in room 11 at lunch.


-Class of 07: Fundraisers will be held in March and May.  Freshmen are encouraged to participate in council meetings.  The next meeting will be Friday after break in room 11 at lunch.


-Irvington Viking Calender:  Pre-sales are today and tomorrow for $10 in the courtyard.  They will be on sale all next week for $10.  The price will be raised to $12 after break.


-C.S.F.:  ACES is on Dec 18, and there will be a potluck held before during lunch in rm 31.  Candy sale money is due Monday and Friday.


-Representative Meeting Suggestions:  Music before each meeting was suggested.


-Winter Ball:  Winter Ball is tomorrow.  You must have your guest pass filled out completely before you buy your ticket.  The last time to buy tickets is 3pm Friday. Prices are $12 and $20 with ASB, $14 and $24 without.



-Tutorial:  Suggestions may go to Mrs. Lau.  It is required that we have tutorial on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.


-Dances:  The new district policy states that all dances must end at 10pm.


SERVICE LEARNING:  The cookie bake and giftwrapping event is on Dec 20 from 9am-12.  Please bring items in for the hygiene drive.


CLUB REPORT:  There was a club meeting Tuesday afterschool.  Only half of the clubs attended.  Please send a representative if the officers cannot be there.  Important information is given out at each club meeting.



ADJOURNMENT:  David Parsons adjourned the meeting at 10:10am in rm. 104.




did i forget anything? i hope melody doesnt kill me for using tnr. ok tomorrow we have school bye!

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