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here's me n shreya's summary of IHS's activity program. i've already tweaked it a lil with anthony's help...but it could use more work. =D let me know what else could be done.

Irvington High School’s activity program is operated by the Associated Student Body. It is supervised by the activities director and consists of 34 students of all grade levels. ASB is responsible for all student-related activities on campus; from dances and rallies to homecoming and spirit week.
Even before school begins, ASB is busy with implementing LINK; a program in which all incoming freshmen are divided into groups of 10 and then assigned a volunteer junior or senior “LINK leader”. The purpose of this program is in the name, to provide freshmen with a “link” to the high school environment. Volunteers recruited by ASB members receive six hours of training and are taught to interact with the students during a special 4-hour freshmen orientation at the end of August.
After the freshmen orientation is MAZE. This a three-day process when all new and returning students turn in administrative forms and receive their class schedules for the new school year. ASB plans out MAZE during a 6-hour meeting the week before and is in charge of set up and clean up. ASB members direct student/parent traffic, register lockers, manage school pictures, and sell student planners and Irvington merchandise.
Before students have completely settled in with the new school year, ASB produces Homecoming/Spirit Week. This is the week of Irvington’s first home football game where each class compete against each other by showing their spirit, constructing themed sceneries, and creating skits and dances. ASB coordinates all the performances and fills the lunch period with music and games to maintain school spirit. The week ends with a Fall Sports Rally, the Homecoming game, and the Coronation Ball.
The largest component of Irvington’s activity program is the rallies and dances. ASB directs a total of four dances and rallies throughout the year; Hello Rally and Dance in September, Fall Sports Rally and Coronation Ball, Winter Sports Rally and Winter Ball, and Spring Sports Rally and MORP. The development of is similar. For rallies, ASB auditions the performers, come up with entertaining games, organizes the order of performances, and build up the spirit of the crowd. For the dances, ASB picks out the theme, decorates the gymnasium, chooses a picture background, orders the bids and DJ, sells the tickets, and cleans up afterwards.
Multicultural Week is one of Irvington’s most successful productions, with the purpose to promote unity through celebrating diversity. ASB spends several months contacting performers and speakers to deliver on a variety of workshops. Many students enjoy the film festival and the international foods sold. The grand finale is a fashion show, involving many of the cultural clubs on campus.
Each spring, students get another chance to show their spirit and class pride with Spring Olympics. This week is a variation on Spirit Week, but with less intense competition. All week long, boys compete against girls in a multitude of games. Each day has a theme, which the activities and dress up day are based on. The week ends with a rally and the MORP dance.
Another production that Irvington’s ASB is currently trying to implement is Stress Free Week. Stress Free Week will takes place the week after first semester finals. With the prestige of IHS, stress is inevitable, and Stress Free Week will be a great way to relieve this stress as well as reward students for their hard work. Teachers will give less homework and avoid giving any major exams this week. Each day will have its own theme and will be filled with games, prizes, giveaways, and stress relievers.
ASB manages all of the clubs on campus. Before a club is formed, it must be approved. Each club has its own binder and regulatory paperwork to fill out. There are monthly Inter Club Council meetings with all the club presidents, advisors, and the ASB Club Commissioner. ASB also plans the schedules for club meetings so that clubs with similar interests do not meet on the same day.
These are only the major activities that ASB directs at Irvington, there are many other aspects of the school and various events that are also associated with ASB.

the ending could DEFINITELY use more help...o_O
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